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As a business owner or manager, a CPA is uniquely qualified to assist you, as your business partner, with the diverse and complex issues you face everyday. Financial statement and tax return preparation, cash flow management, internal control systems, business planning, and budgeting are but a few of the services an experienced and qualified CPA can provide you and your company.

Today's complex business environment requires you to wear many hats. You can't employ individuals possessing the required expertise for every problem that arises. For that reason, you need to seek out someone like Fields Financial Professionals in the business community, who is uniquely qualified to fulfilll your payroll and tax planning needs.


Why worry about filing your own tax return when our friendly, knowledgeable tax professionals can prepare your return quickly and accurately to get you the largest refund you're entitled to under the law. And, with one of our unique and competitive refund settlement products you could walk out with money the same day your return is prepared.
In a hurry? Try our convenient drop off service and free electronic filing with paid preparation. E-filing is so accurate it eliminates over 99% of the filing mistakes that trigger notice letters from the IRS. Not only is e-filing more accurate than paper filing, it's faster.


What we Offer:

  •  Convenient Payment methods
  •  Affordable Pricing
  •  Convenient location
  •  Quick and Accurate Service
  •  Knowledgeable and Professional staff
  •  Year-round Service
  •  Filing for ALL States
  •  Free E-Filing for all Returns

Many times a paid tax preparer will know of deductions the average taxpayer doesn't realize could apply to them. The most common overlooked deductions are:
Charitable Donations; IRA Deduction; Student Loan interest, Mortgage Interest; Certain State taxes
You may be eligible to receive certain tax credits. Credits can be based on if you earn below a certain income, have children, care for a family member or save your money in a retirement account. Ask your tax preparer about these commonly overlooked tax credits:
Adoption; Child and Dependent care; Child Tax credit; Earned Income Tax credit; Higher Education; credit for Elderly or disabled
You can be assured that our tax preparers keep up with tax law changes and use industry leading software to ensure you receive a fast and accurate return with the biggest refund you're entitled to under the law.


Business Startup

You are finally ready to start your very own business. Have you thought about the benefits of incorporating or forming an LLC? What implications (legal and otherwise) does owning your own business have on your personal assets? Incorporating or forming an LLC may have significant benefits for your business and your personal assets, both legally and from a tax perspective. Fields Financial Professionals offer complete Corporate or LLC formation services, at savings of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, when compared to attorneys.


  •  Incorporate or Form an LLC - Our all inclusive Corporate/LLC formation services include filing your application, name search, etc.
  •  Tax ID Number - We file for and obtain a Federal Tax ID Number (or Employers Identification Number), at NO additional cost.
  •  Tax Forms - Fields Financial Professionals can file tax form elections on your behalf (such as S-Corp election).



  •  Experience - Your documents are reviewed, completed and filed by professionals.
  •  Savings - Our fees can save you hundreds of dollars, when compared to your local Attorney.
  •  All-Inclusive - We will obtain your Tax ID #, and complete your election form, at NO addtional charge.
  •  Guaranteed - We guarantee the accurate filing of your Corporation or LLC.


Business Tax Preparation Service

Fields Financial offers complete tax preparation services for your small business. We are NOT a do-it-yourself service. Our highly qualified tax professionals, including CPAs, prepare and file your taxes wherever your business is located in the United States, and whatever your business activities may be. More importantly, our tax professionals ensure that you and your business get each and every deduction you deserve.


  •  Preparation of Federal and State business income tax returns, including C -Corporate, S-Corporation, Partnership, and Sole Proprietorship returns, for all types of businesses.
  •  Preparation of personal tax returns for business owners.
  •  Business tax questions answered throughout the year
  •  Free E-file Provider



  •  Experience - Our tax professionals are highly qualified professionals who include CPAs, and other certified tax professionals.
  •  Personal Service - You work and communicate live and directly with one of our representatives.
  •  Savings - Our tax preparation fees will typically save you 50% or more, when compared to your local CPA.
  •  Responsiveness - We ensure that each and every tax return is completed and filed on a timely basis.
  •  Guaranteed - We guarantee the accuracy of the tax returns we prepare.



  •  Income Tax Returns - If we have performed bookkeeping services for your business throughout the year, we will simply prepare your tax return based on the financial data that we would already have prepared for you. If you are new to Fields Financial Professionals, you can simply provide us with your existing financial reports, which we will review for accuracy before preparing your tax return, or you can provide us with all the source documents with which we can perform "catch-up" bookkeeping, after which we will prepare your business tax return.
  •  Sales Taxes - Fields Financial Professionals will prepare your sales/use/excise tax returns on a monthly or quarterly basis, based on the sales and related data we have thru or bookkeeping services. If you are not a regular (monthly or quarterly) client, we will simply ask you to provide us with your sales and sales tax reports (from your point-of-sale system or other source), and we will prepare your sales return.


Payroll Services



  • Payroll Check Preparation
    We will prepare your payroll checks on a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly basis. In addition you can determine whether you would like direct deposit or actual checks.
  • Quarterly Federal 941 Reporting
    Each Quarter as a business owner with employees, you are required to report to the federal government your quarterly payroll tax liability and will will provide this reporting to you at no additional charge.
  • Quarterly State Unemployment Tax Reporting
    If your business is in a state that requires employers to pay on a quarterly basis state unemployment taxes, we will prepare these reports for our clients in which we are providing payroll services.
  • State Withholding Tax Reporting
    We can prepare your state Quarterly or Monthly Return of Income Tax Withheld. At year end, we reconcile your quarterly or monthly reporting to your annual reporting.
  • Monthly Federal Tax Deposits
    If your quarterly Tax return exceeds 2,500, the IRS requires employers to make monthly federal tax deposits. This add'l reporting is provided to you are no charge if you are a payroll client of Fields Financial Professionals.
  • Year End Payroll Tax Reporting Federal Forms 940, W-2's, and 1099's
    We can prepare the year end W-2's for your employees and 1099's for your independent contractors. Throughout the year-end process we reconcile your quarterly reporting to your annual reporting to assure that everything balances.


Our customers say about us

Nicole is prompt and ready to answer questions. But her quality is her warm personality. I've moved 300 miles away across two states and I still prefer to use Nicole's tax services. She is a humble professional on top of her game.

We have been getting our taxes done here for 9 years. They provide excellent service. Very professional. They also set things up to where you never have to step foot in their office if you don't wish to. I highly recommend them!

It's always a pleasure working with Nicole. She's able to answer any questions related to the newest tax laws immediately. She's very thorough and always has her clients best interest at heart. I'm proud to support this small business and will continue to do so for years to come.

About us

Located in Marietta, Georgia, Fields Financial Professionals DBA Timely Tax strive to make bookkeeping and taxes easier for you. As members of Georgia Society of CPA's and National Society of EA's , Robert Fields II, (CPA) along with his wife, Nicole Fields, (EA) partnership translates into over 50 years of controllership, accounting and taxation experience which we utilize to better your financial situation, reduce your tax liability and streamline your bookkeeping efforts.


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